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Remus Blais

Montreal, Canada

Pierre-Luc Brunet

Montreal, Canada

Dan Ribaudo

Dallas, TX, United States

Sophia Reschke

Hennef, Germany

Thomas Lamoureux

Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Jared Leunis

Agoura Hills, CA, United States

Roman Schoissengeier-Nagel

Auburn, WA, United States

Kevin Fraser

Halifax,Nova Scotia, Canada

Daniel Johnson

Coronado, CA, United States

clark wilbanks

Chesterfield, MO, United States

Olivier Gagnon

Québec, Canada

Bryan Bailey

Dallas, TX, United States

Ryan Sturno

Toronto, ON, Canada

Markus Zeppenfeld

Cologne, Germany

Coby Melnick

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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