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For the huge spectacular musical 14-18, Studio 100 called upon New Solid for making all the video content for this show. In this musical about World War I, the audience (1500p), seated on a moving stand moves in and out on a 2 football fields large scenery!!! At the same time 8 laser controlled decor pieces move around this scenery to form different dynamic play settings.

Our job was challenging and consisted of the production of the video content for the 42m large projection screen and the production of the mapping on the stage wagons for 1 particular key scene. And this all corresponding to the designs made by Stefaan Haudenhuyse (Artistic Director-studio 100).

For the large projection screen we made the content in a way so that it’s hardly noticeable that there is a projection screen. The content completely blends with the moving scenery and prolongs the view of the spectator. For a crucial scene in the musical we made a spectacular water animation, mapped onto the Stage wagons and floor.

New Solid also determined the file and content management workflow of the Pandoras Box videoserver and did the 3D mapping with the Pandoras Box 3D warper.

Timeline programming by PWL (katleen Selleslagh)

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