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Gerard Joling, Lekker Concerts 2013 Ziggodome

Hello Pandora's Box Users,

Here's a small recap of our latest project, the "Lekker" concerts of Gerard Joling, a Dutch singer, world-famous in the Netherlands. The show was produced by Creative Cowboys and Entertainment-NL.

As LiveLAB we we're responsible for content and playout. The challenge was to incorporate the 2 live HD-SDI pips in 

a natural way. Therefore we build a scale model to get a feeling how things would work out. These findings where packed

in a script on which the cameramen could prepare their shots.

The technical facts:

- Canvas: 3216 x 1344 pixels divided over 3 outputs of 1920x1080

- 260m2  Aoto LED screen

- Inputs: 2 HD-SDI 720P feeds

- The show was completely SMTPE driven. Audio was played live by the band who started the click track with SMPTE.

- layer transparency was controlled by an Akai EPC-40

- Operator: Mark Honsbeek

- Producer: Jolien Gottenbos

- Systemtech: Michel Buchner

Keeping the SMPTE uniform along the creative process was quite an adventure, but in the end it all worked out.

We hope you'll enjoy the pictures

Michel Buchner


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Comment by Pieter Huijgen on October 17, 2013 at 12:34am

Great job guys! You've created a very clean image that blends well into the lighting state.


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