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Pandoras Box Version 5.7 Revision 12383 Release

Dear connect members,

you can now download the NEW Pandoras Box Version 5.7 revision 12383 in our download center. The revision includes nice features and important bug fixes.

Click here for downloading.

Some interesting aspects of this revision:

Image Converter Rev. 53:
• Network pathes are now possible for batch conversion

And also:

• Performance enhancement for Image Sequence compression (Quicktime Converter)

• Image Sequence: added support for Hap, Hap Alpha and Hap Q

• Newly created virtual audio layer now creates audio layers on referenced sites

• Support of more mov video formats for Image Sequence compression

• Midi show control

• MetaBall2D Outline Glow

...and many more!

And don't forget to log on to the Download Center first!

Kind regards,

your Pandoras Box team

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