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Dutch National Opera - Laika: Behind the scenes

Making of video (unfortunately without subtitles) with an extensive Coolux setup.
The 3 dome cameras are mounted on an endless rotating pole, so HD-SDI and ethernet for the cameras are multiplexed with Lynx converters, running over a single strand of fiber through a FORJ (Fiber Optic Rotary Joint) to the servers.

3 x Panasonic AW-HE60 dome camera, controlled from Widget Designer
2 x Production camera

Servers etc.:
5 x Dual Player STD with 2 x HD-SDI input
2 x Player STD (battery powered and mounted in set piece)
1 x Manager STD
1 x Widget Designer PRO
3 x Mac Mini for 7 seconds of video delay and recording

6 x Panasonic DX100 projector
4 x Optoma W604 ultra wide projector (in a 4x4x2,5m cube moving and rotating along a 20 mtr. long pole)
10 x Panasonic plasma
2 x 27" + 2 x 32" battery powered monitor in set piece

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