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  • Mercedes B Class Warping

    Mercedes B Class Warping

    For the B Class launch in China 4 Projectors were used to create this setup. 2x for the curved scr… Jan Huewel Oct 1, 2010 100 views

  • 3D Laser Video

    3D Laser Video

    Light Force and coolux joined together for this amazing Laser and Projection Demo. The Light Force… Jan Huewel Oct 1, 2010 83 views

  • Genome Dome

    Genome Dome

    9x Pandoras Box Player used for a full dome projection in Geneva. Realized by Habegger Jan Huewel Oct 1, 2010 106 views

  • IBC 2010 Cube

    IBC 2010 Cube

    2x Projector Warping as double stack tandem projection. Projectors provided by Christie Jan Huewel Oct 1, 2010 62 views

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