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Mercedes-Benz Produkt Forum 2018 Picture Slider

loop light supports Mercedes-Benz & JEFF Zurich at Produktforum 2018

with content-production, consulting, services & high performance media servers.

Box shaped LED wall with 3D perspective content beyond 4k.

12TB Content 

40Gbit/s Content Spreading 

LED Mapping

#HighPerformance #MediaServer #LEDwall #content-creation #mapping #videomapping #video-mapping #HighSpeed NAS #12TB…


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Pandoras Box PRO R3 DUAL Server for sale

We have some PRO DUAL R3 Servers with SSD & SYNC for Sale !

We have recently upgraded all our Quad Servers to the latest PK 5 Hardware. The duals are for sale now.

Get in  touch if you are interested, of course the machines holding already the V6 Software update and can be updated to the latest hardware via Christie too.



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PB PRO R3 Server Systems for Sale

We are currently selling some DUAL R3 Servers with SYNC Option, 1TB SSD RAID, Server PRO Dongle V6 already updated.

if interested contact

CHECK LL HP R3 Server Sale…


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LDI 2013 Las Vegas trilogy is completed !

Projection Mapping

Realtime 3D Draw

Tracking & Tagging


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car video mapping tests and research

We had done some big scale car mappings in the past, but the way to handle these pretty tricky complex geometry warping has been a very frequent thread on our table.

We had been discussing different mapping method`s and production templates since quite a while so stop talking start testing. Always nice to get something on your table and try it for real. And as we are boys we do have toys !

On the…


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autosymphonic 2011 / mannheim

at this show for the first time in such a big environment we did uses the CITP COOLUX WYSIWYG streaming and it just worked great.


Hope you enjoy the video and the final warp we created at our studios in Marburg, big thanks to Wadim who stitched together the 8 projectors.




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Katie Melua / World Tour / 2011

Thanks Kate...


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- extreme warping -


MSometimes projection surfaces are just not flat. And in some cases it`s much more then just some curves and edges. Like at the venue in Bad Kissingen where Deutsche Bank hold  a meeting. For the evening event Benjamin Lechler from PAVE came up with the idea of using a creative architectural video projection. The idea was a living roof that surrounds the audience and unobtrusively lighting up the venue and bring something organic beautiful within.…


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Shows, Shows, Shows

And most of them including PB Gear ! Wow what a year. Don`t won`t to bother you with everything single so here`s a rough update...


Hyderabad India, Outdoor Architectural Building Projection.…


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3D seminar at coolux conference in 3D / 3D

I have recently uploaded the short and long version of the recorded 3D seminar from the coolux connect conference 2011 in cologne.


The video has been shot in 3D. Meaning the seminar room as well as the projection itself has been recorded in 3D so you can also see what we have seen in 3D in 3D...


Just use "anaglyph" glasses (red/blue) and set a high resolution within You Tube to have a good result.




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Hyderabad / India

Michael and myself will fly back tomorrow morning from an pretty outstanding experience travel through india.


We do highly like to express our deep thanks to "Steve" Montie Paul / The Video Company who invited us and gave us real cool time.


We enjoyed seeing india and we where lucky the client liked the result.


I just uploaded some pictures...


all the best



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