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MSometimes projection surfaces are just not flat. And in some cases it`s much more then just some curves and edges. Like at the venue in Bad Kissingen where Deutsche Bank hold  a meeting. For the evening event Benjamin Lechler from PAVE came up with the idea of using a creative architectural video projection. The idea was a living roof that surrounds the audience and unobtrusively lighting up the venue and bring something organic beautiful within.


Doable, sure why not ? Of course this was quite a challenge not only in creating the animations also the warping on site was quite a bit of work. 8 Projectors shot the angle that was given into the roof. They needed to be warped (digital adjustment „bending“ of the outputs to fit the architecture)  by our special forces Team (Wadim Wall). The content was created from our Team around the world. Michael Hantelmann was leading the whole process from Hamburg some stuff was even done in Mexico from our friend and partner Samuel Bonifant.


It turned out to be a great success, the idea was 

as mentioned earlier, something nicely surrounding, as the result was quite impressive you could see some people heads up watching the roof.


Another time Pandoras Box and the power within it performed at it`s best.



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