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Pandoras Box and Widget Designer Version 6.0 Revisions

Dear Pandoras Box Connect members,

we're happy to share the latest Release version of Pandoras Box 6.0 And Widget Designer 6.0 with you. This version has undergone various updates including bug fixes, enhanced usability and features.

Pandoras Box Version 6.0 Rev. 15220


• added "Remote Save" to ensure the same showfile on all connected Managers within a Multi-User scenario
• improved connection behavior when Clients are (re-)started
• Manager role is displayed with "Main" or "Sub" for Multi-Users in status bar
• Saving containers to a timeline in BlindMode will not interfere with current output state
• MU Operations are only available for Managers outside a sync session
• editable resources are not permanently changed when project is closed without saving
• fixed skinning issues with various tools


- Warper Rev. 223
- Matrix Patcher Rev. 91
- Dome Master Rev. 14
- Image Converter Rev. 63
- Splitter Rev. 39
- Leica 3D Disto Rev. 10
- Quicktime Converter Rev.6

Click here for downloading Pandoras Box Version 6.0 Rev. 15220

Widget Designer Version 6.0 Rev. 6322


• Spyder X20/X80 commands implemented into Spyder node
• Support for up to eight Camera trackers at a time
• scripting updates to remove list items and to use breaks to exit loops
• shortcuts for "test script" (CTRL+T) and "Test selected line" (CTRL+Shift+T)
• Keyboard Shortcut Editor migrated

Click here for downloading Widget Designer Version 6.0 Rev. 6322

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