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Dear connect members,

we are very happy to announce that Pandoras Box Version 5.9 has finally been released and is ready for download in our Download Center.

Version 5.9 adds a great range of powerful features to the Pandoras Box product family, including the Kiosk Mode, a completely redesigned Patch-Tab, the Cues Tab and many more:


- Kiosk Mode as a simplified user interface
- completely redesigned Patch-Tab
- Cues Tab for an overview of all cues

- Time Monitor Tab with "Cue Countdown", "Sequence Time" and "System Time"
- Image sequence frame rate accepts non-integral values

- Text Input Layers for scrolling texts without the need of video layers
- Particle Layers to separate Particle Systems from regular Layers

- Softedge Media on Output (use any black/white texture to softedge the output)
- Full Screen Preview for Manager Software and all previewed “non local node devices"

- Timeline Colors finalized
- Timeline Track Zoom
- Preview renders on secondary screen

- Site initial values: number of created layers
- Canvases are now stored on local location and spread after file creation

Please take a look at our Download Center for a complete overview of all new features and bug fixes HERE.

Remember to log in first for the download.

To make sure staying up to date anytime, you also have the option to subscribe to our software update section on our technical user forum HERE.

Best regards,

your Pandoras Box Team

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