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Pandoras Box Version 6.0 and Widget Designer Version 6.0 official RELEASE

Dear Pandoras Box Connect members,

we officially released Pandoras Box Version 6.0 and Widget Designer Version 6.0!

Please find the features below:

Features Pandoras Box 6.0:

 Multi-user mode for simultaneous timeline editing, warping and content manipulation

 Editable live canvas for masking and painting of any kind within Pandoras Box

 Editable meshes for on-the-fly FFD and vertex-warping directly within Pandoras Box

 UV map adjustment directly within the preview

 Pixel-based user interface for easier content handling

 2D focused user interface enables easier content interaction without interfering with the third dimension - ideal for image compositing and timeline programming

 3D render engine access can be enabled with a single click in the preview window

 Preview interaction allows all new modes and parameters to be used directly in the render engine

Features Widget Designer 6.0:

 Completely redesigned HTML-5 user interface

 Native HTML front end, including CSS styles

 Animation and transition support now available for all pages and widgets

 New composite nodes, allowing the integration of node-systems into re-usable custom nodes

 Workflow optimizations to ensure the best efficiency

 Improved scripting language to further reduce production time

 Optimized performance due to 64 bit and web-based components

Please find the download of Pandoras Box 15101 HERE

Please find the download of Widget Designer 6105 HERE

Kind regards,
your Pandoras Box team

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