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The First Company 3d mapping projection in middle east



HoLoTeQ Company

The first company in the Arabic region specialized in advanced marketing systems for large promotional campaigns, and high technology integration with live events in innovative methods, to make events unique and exclusive with everlasting impressive experiences for the audience.

We provides series of marketing services using new high technologies and modern, powerful, impressive tools to give the maximum results for any promotional campaign for products varieties of industries like engineering, design, architecture, tourism, medicine, education, music & arts, etc.

Qatar State became well known because of its recent huge progress, in all vital.

fields, that reflects the clear and comprehensive planned goals under the supervision of His Highness the Nation Amir Sheikh Hmd Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, may be protected by Allah, through a series of decrees and accurate directions, which empowered Qatar in establishing its international presence strongly, especially through an advanced media that points out the new position of Qatar.

“Qatar vision 2030” draws the outlines of encouragement and achievement of hard balances which were considered between the progress according to the international standards and national culture establishing, between the dependence on natural resources and creating new investments that depend on the human resources and the two sectors of tourism and services, between national powers and using the foreign experts, between using resources and saving the environment, and between the long term  ambitions and the urgent requirements that are imposed by the present events.

Qatar State tries to achieve these balances through creative plans resulted from a deep awareness about the necessity of establishing the permanent development, such as supporting education for building generations on the level of challenges, encouraging creativity and renewing, activating the woman role to empower her from playing her educational, economical and social role perfectly.


  These leading steps made it an Arab and a national model, as Qatar has attained the first Arab position and the thirty sixth international position at the human development, that is matched with economical and social development and more development is predicted, especially that Qatar achieves a yearly development level that is estimated with twenty percent.

The individual portion of the national production increased to a high level that equals the western nations, as it is a main indicator of social justice values, prosperity, and the economical activity that made it one of the most developed countries in the world.

All these natural and human factors which are used perfectly under the wise leadership of the nation, reflects the extent of the State development in numbers since the middle 1990s and its success in communication with the larger are, providing a promised climate and a fertile land for investment and huge projects, especially with the economical and political stability that challenges the foreign instability resulted from globalization, and which appears at the international crisis.

We aim at providing advanced advertisement and propaganda technology and adding our creative touch that reflects the nation progress clearly and points out its contemporary qualities with its vitality, power and superiority.


The formal currency of Qatar is the Qatari Riyal which is divided into a hundred dirham, as the exchange price is stable opposite the Dollar at 3.65 Qatari Riyals per dollar.

Eng. Nabil Atieh



Mob       : +974 33991815

TeleFax :  +97444143260

P. O. Box : 12800

AlSadd Area- Al Waab Street

Retaj building – Ground Floor

Doha - Qatar

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