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125 Years ABB / Serving the world from Switzerland

20.10.16 & 21.10.16 Wettingen Aargau / Switzerland

Client : ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.

Customer : standing ovation GmbH

loop light GmbH supports the ABB 125 years anniversary gala & event "serving the world from Switzerland"

Within the production loop light held responsibility for :

Video- and Lightingdesign
Mediaserver & Programming
Robot Video Tracking
Tabletop Light-Interaction
We would like to thank ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. as well as standing ovation.

Thanks to our partners in execution of the project :

Harry Heusser / Director

N.O.ME & CHIMNEY / content-production

Studio Krimmel / Stage Design

hantmade / software & implementation

GERDON design / lighting director & operators

Christie / mediaserver

schoko pro / production tabletop light

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