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Hyundai "Salon Mondial Paris" Hyper Facade 2010

Hyper facade and the ribbon concept, big time in Paris. After a month of planning that gave is one or more headaches. Time to warp and bring the facade to live.

Hyundai press conference at the „Salon Mondial Paris 2010“
The launch of the ix20 was accompanied by an outstanding concept. Projections onto the car, the stand`s wall, floor and LED wall as one aligned picture to create a complete world of imaging. The warping and aligning was the trickiest part of the story. The facade itself isn`t flat it`s carving already this impression had been multiplied by adding even more „ribbons“ and it was truly hard to differentiate between virtuality and reality.

Great move from hyundai, brandscape and schoko pro to let us play on this court. Thanks for your trust and imagination.

Content creation by D`strict Korea and schoko pro Wiesbaden.

LL Crew on site : Timo Weinhold, Michael Hantelmann, Matt Finke

Special Thanks goes to : Josie, Wulf Issinger, Jan Hüwel, Daniel Kaminski, Gunnar Stamm, Wolfgang Verza, John

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